Lewisham Parks Management

Lewisham parks are managed by Glendale Services under a service contract monitored by Lewisham Council Green Scene.

Complaints or notification of park issues should be made to Glendale in the first instance on 02083183986

A notice reference number will be given. Advising your park friends group can also be useful so that service can be monitored. If issues aren’t resolved further notice to Green Scene can be made to  Vince.Buchanan@lewisham.gov.uk

GreenScene Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, Ladywell SE13 7EZ.

How to Contact :

  • Telephone our contact centre on 020 8318 3986
  • Write to our contact centre at The Lodge, Mountsfield Park, Stainton Road, Catford, SE6 1AN

Lewisham Council can be contacted at:

Greenscene Department, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, London, SE13 7EZ Tel. 020 8314 6000

Website: www .lewisham.gov.uk

A plan of your local Lewisham park is available from greenscene@lewisham.gov.uk
Each plan shows areas of trees, grass, and might include ornamental planting, shrubs, meadow etc.

For more information about the parks and open spaces study and strategy email: nick.pond@lewisham.gov.uk


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