Lewisham Council Parks and Open Spaces Policy, Management and Complaints

Lewisham parks and open spaces are managed by Glendale Services until November 2021, under a service contract monitored by Lewisham Council Green Scene.

Complaints or notification of park issues should be made to Glendale in the first instance on 02083183986 or use details found at: http://lewisham.glendalelocal.co.uk/meet-the-team/

A notice reference number will be given by Glendale staff. Advising your park friends group can also be useful so that the service can be monitored. If issues aren’t resolved further notice to Green Scene can be made to  nicholas.pond@lewisham.gov.uk and Vince.Buchanan@lewisham.gov.uk

Or write to Lewisham Council Green Scene, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road,  SE13 7EZ.

Glendale contact details:

  • Email contact centre at lewisham@glendale-services.co.uk
  • Telephone Glendale contact centre on 020 8318 3986 (recorded message response outside office hours)
  • Write to Glendale contact centre at The Lodge, Mountsfield Park, Stainton Road, Catford, SE6 1AN

Lewisham Council Green Scene can be contacted at:
GreenScene Department, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, London, SE13 7EZ Tel. 020 8314 6000 (office hours)

Website: www .lewisham.gov.uk

Lewisham Council Parks and Open Space Policy and Management

Draft Lewisham Parks and Open Space Strategy 2020 – 2025
Draft Strategy for Lewisham’s parks and open spaces: 

Lewisham Open Spaces Assessment April 2019
Refers to the local and national planning context of the Lewisham parks and open spaces. 

Superseded Lewisham parks and open spaces strategy 2012 -2017
Aspirational strategy for Lewisham’s parks and open spaces with key objectives and outcomes, including the following:

  • Mitigating or ameliorating effects of climate change,
  • retention of park keeper service,
  • increasing toilet provision via establishing cafe concessions in parks and open spaces,
  • increase number of registered community gardens,
  • inclusion and community involvement in decisions that affect Lewisham’s parks and open spaces,
  • continue to develop and support Friends groups for key parks and recreation grounds to increase local involvement and ownership,
  • improve access to parks and open spaces to meet the needs of disabled people,
  • modifying park grounds maintenance where appropriate to encourage a greater area of grassland to be managed as flower rich meadow,
  • raising funds and commissioning professional designers to improve parks and open spaces.

Parks management review parks visit 8 August 2019

Lewisham parks and open spaces study 2010

Lewisham parks and open spaces maintenance specification

Lewisham parks and open spaces budget breakdown 2014/2015 (The contract rates information has been removed from this blog in response to a request from Glendale). The Glendale contract rates suggest that there are potential cost savings through the introduction of more meadow grassland and woodland  in Lewisham’s parks and open spaces. Maintenance of meadow is costed at £509 per hectare. Short mown grass is costed at £4,110 per hectare and woodland management is £191 per hectare. An increase in meadow grassland and woodland would have biodiversity benefits and bring people closer to nature which is considered to be good for health and mental well being. The area of short mown grass in Lewisham’s parks and open spaces (excluding football pitches) is 181 hectares. The area of meadow grassland in Lewisham’s parks and open spaces is 40.8 hectares. The area of maintained woodland is 21.26 hectares.

Lewisham Council could save £179,960 by increasing the area of maintained meadow from 40.8 hectares to 90.8 hectares which is enough according to Glendale’s rates to pay for 5 or 6 full time park keepers.

Appendix 75_2018 The Cleansing of Parks and Green Spaces spec

Appendix 76 Key Performance Indicators for litter collection etc.

Blackheath Joint Working Party and Events Policy

A plan of your local Lewisham park is available from greenscene@lewisham.gov.uk
Each plan shows areas of trees, grass, and might include ornamental planting, shrubs, meadow etc.

Lewisham Homes maintain their green space on behalf of Lewisham Council.
Lewisham Homes grounds maintenance report 281019
More information:
Contact: 020 8613 4938

1 Response to Lewisham Council Parks and Open Spaces Policy, Management and Complaints

  1. Sarah says:

    To whom it may concern,

    The rubbish in Manor House Gardens is absolutely terrible – bins overflowing and rubbish left next to them. I’ve gone in every weekend with my grabber to pick up bags of rubbish floating around the central part of the park so children can play safely.
    Is there anyway we could have signs put on the bins saying – If full, take rubbish home ! Or have huge bins strategically placed around the parks.

    With thanks
    Sarah Crispin


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