Lewisham Parks Management

Lewisham parks are managed by Glendale Services under a service contract monitored by Lewisham Council Green Scene.

Complaints or notification of park issues should be made to Glendale in the first instance on 02083183986

A notice reference number will be given. Advising your park friends group can also be useful so that service can be monitored. If issues aren’t resolved further notice to Green Scene can be made to John.Thompson@lewisham.gov.uk and Vince.Buchanan@lewisham.gov.uk

GreenScene Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, Ladywell SE13 7EZ.

Standards you should expect to be maintained in your park below:

“Glendale Lewisham Comments, Complaints and Compliments Policy

How to Contact :

  • Telephone our contact centre on 020 8318 3986
  • Write to our contact centre at The Lodge, Mountsfield Park, Stainton Road, Catford, SE6 1AN

1          Introduction

1.1       Glendale welcomes customer feedback about its services and staff, and we have a process for service users to express their views and opinions

1.2       We will ensure that everyone is treated fairly and consistently in expressing their views and opinions, and we take into account equality and diversity issues

1.3       We will also ensure that a customer’s concerns are taken seriously, and that they receive a timely response and an explanation of how any decision was reached

1.4       All complaints and service requests will be recorded on the Glendale’s complaints management system, and will help us monitor our performance; to learn lessons for the future; and to inform and shape service delivery

2           Our vision

2.1        To put our customers at the heart of complaints management and to use complaints as a learning opportunity to improve services

3           Equal access for all

3.1        The London Borough of Lewisham is a diverse community made up of many different groups and individuals. We value and celebrate that diversity, and we believe it is essential that everyone has easy access to the complaints process

4           Our definition of a complaint

4.1        ‘Any expression of dissatisfaction with our staff or the services that we deliver

What is a complaint ?

4.2        A complaint is that we:

  • Have made a mistake or done something wrong
  • Have promised to do something but failed to do so
  • Have been impolite or unhelpful (this includes staff and contractors)
  • Have failed or delayed in carrying out a service
  • Insurance Claim

What is not a complaint ?

4.3        We would not treat the following as a complaint and are treated as either a service request, comment or compliment. This list is not exhaustive:

  • The first request for a service or where we have been given insufficient time to deliver that service according to our service standards
  • A request for information or a service
  • An explanation of, or challenge to, a contract policy or procedure
  • A compliment regarding either the services provided or report of staff being polite or helpful

Typical examples of Service Requests :

  • Grass needs cutting
  • Hedges overgrown
  • Overflowing litter or dog bins
  • Reporting of flytips
  • Dog Fouling
  • Grafitti (Offensive and Non-offensive)

5           Complaints Process

5.1        Glendale has two main stages to its complaints process. Where a customer is formally complaining about an issue for the first time, their complaint will normally be investigated at Stage 1 of our procedure.We  will let you know if we are going to deal with your complaint in a different way.

Stage 1

5.2       Upon receipt of a complaint the details are recorded onto Glendale Lewisham’s computerised Complaints system for recording feedback. This will be passed to the relevant contracts manager in relation to the nature of the complaint.

5.3       The customer will receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days advising them that we have received their complaint. This acknowledgement will give the name of the manager who will be investigating the complaint, the complaint log’s unique ID reference, and a date by which the customer will receive a response.

5.4       The Contract manager responsible for the service that is the subject of the complaint will investigate the complaint and respond to the customer within 9 working days from receipt of the complaint, advising them of the outcome of their investigation.

5.5       If the complaint is about the Contract manager, the complaint will be investigated, and a response sent, by their line manager.

5.6       The Contract manager’s response will explain to the customer:

  • The decision on the complaint and how that decision was reached
  • Any action that Glendale will take as a result of the complaint
  • How the customer can escalate their complaint if they are unhappy with the decision

5.7        At all parts of the above process the computerised Complaint system will be updated

Stage 2

5.6       If a customer is unhappy with the response to their complaint Stage 1, and they wish to escalate it, they must write to Lewisham Council’s Greenscene department explaining why they remain dissatisfied.

Lewisham Council can be contacted at:

Greenscene Department, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, London, SE13 7EZ Tel. 020 8314 6000

Website: www .lewisham.gov.uk

In this instance the complaint will follow Lewisham Council’s Corporate Comments, Complaints and Compliments Policy

6           Service Request Process

6.1        Upon receipt of a service request the details are recorded onto Glendale Lewisham’s computerised Service Request system for recording feedback. At the point of contact the complainant will be advised if it falls under Glendale’s responsibility and what next steps will be taken.

6.2        If the service request does not fall under Glendale’s responsibility then, if able to, the complainant will be given information to where they should direct their request to.

6.3        If the service request does fall under Glendale’s responsibility then this will be passed to the relevant contracts supervisor in relation to the nature of the service request. The service request form will have a target completion date that will follow guidelines such as Environmental Protection Act (EPA) standards.

6.4        Upon action of the service request the contract supervisor will return the service request form to Administration to update the service request log.

6.5        Every month all service requests are reviewed by the contract managers to see patterns and ensure all service requests have been completed. Lewisham Council will audit the service request log on a monthly basis as part of the monitoring process.

6.6        Typical target completion timelines are based on when reported (by phone or email) and during operational hours. Operational hours at time of policy is between 8:30am and 5pm:

Standard Target Completion Timeline
Overflowing Bins Emptied within 3 hours
Excessive litter, dog fouling and refuse Returned to Grade A (EPA) Standard within 6 hours
Hazardous material, eg sharps, broken glass Removed within 1 hour
Non-Offensive grafitti Removed within 24 hours
Offensive Grafitti (Racist, sexist, etc) Removed within 1 hour
Hazardous abandoned vehicles Removed within 24 hours
Damaged or Vandalised Play equipment Inspected and made safe within 24 hours

Repaired or replaced within 6 weeks

General Grassland Cut within 5 days of over 65mm)
Hedges overgrown Cut within 10 days (depending on nesting season)

7           Social Media reporting

7.1        Whilst it is recognised that Glendale have a local twitter, Facebook and microsite for sharing information about the parks and open spaces it maintains, it should be stressed that these social media forums are not managed on a full-time basis therefore Glendale can not guarantee that reporting service requests using social media will meet the above 6.6 timelines or process.
Contact Glendale Lewisham

7.2        A response will be posted as a reply on the social media with details of this policy and best method to report a complaint or service request.

8           Dealing with comments

8.1        The definition of a comment can be described as a personal opinion or belief, remark or suggestion expressed by a customer.

Examples of a comment:

‘I just want to say that I agree that there should be a time limit for people playing tennis to let more people chance to play’

‘I don’t wish to complain, I just want my comments noted that I think the way you deliver the service is inadequate’

‘The foxes and birds are constantly pulling litter out of the bins. If they were covered this would prevent this happening’

‘It would be nice to have more play equipment or a bigger playground in the park’

8.2        Comments should be directed to the appropriate directorate casework teams to consider how to handle each comment. They will liaise with the area/service managers, as appropriate.

8.3        Glendale will acknowledge receipt of the comment within 10 working days. Any further correspondence will be sent as appropriate.

9           Dealing with compliments

9.1        Compliments received will be recorded on Glendale’s computerised system for recording feedback

9.2        The contract manager should write to the customer within 10 working days thanking them for their compliment.

9.3        If a member of staff is complimented, the contract manager should bring this to their attention and record, where appropriate, in their personnel file.”

Current parks and open spaces strategy:

Lewisham parks and open spaces strategy 2012 -2017

Lewisham parks and open spaces study 2010

Lewisham parks and open spaces maintenance specification

Lewisham parks and open spaces budget breakdown 2014

Appendix 75_2018 The Cleansing of Parks and Green Spaces spec

Appendix 76 Key Performance Indicators

Contact Glendale Lewisham

A plan of your local Lewisham park is available from greenscene@lewisham.gov.uk
Each plan shows areas of trees, grass, and might include ornamental planting, shrubs, meadow etc.

For more information about the parks and open spaces study and strategy email: nick.pond@lewisham.gov.uk


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