Weed Trial Wednesday 14th February 2020 at Mountsfield Park

Removal of ivy by use of a flame gun.
Ivy at edge of the community garden after flame gun treatment.
The grass between the paving slabs has recovered a couple of months after the flame gun treatment. Repeat application of the flame gun would be required for long term weed removal whereas the Council’s routine application of glyphosate and pre-emergence herbicide spray on our streets and within our green open spaces might be applied just once or twice per year.
Subsequent treatment with herbicide
Subsequent treatment of re-emerging brambles with herbicide after flame gun treatment in February.

About mountsfieldpark

Mountsfield Park is the green heart of the community in Catford and Hither Green. It is used and loved by residents of all ages and backgrounds, and The Friends of Mountsfield Park was established to represent their wishes and needs. FOMP is committed to engaging with all sections of the community in order to celebrate and enjoy the Park, and membership is open to all. FOMP delivers events, manages the Community Garden project, and shares information and news. It also works with partners including Lewisham Council and Glendale to develop new facilities and opportunities. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. https://www.facebook.com/Friendsofmountsfieldpark/ https://twitter.com/mountsfieldpark http://mountsfieldpark.wordpress.com
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