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Mountsfield Park is the green heart of the community in Catford and Hither Green. It is used and loved by residents of all ages and backgrounds, and The Friends of Mountsfield Park was established to represent their wishes and needs. FOMP is committed to engaging with all sections of the community in order to celebrate and enjoy the Park, and membership is open to all. FOMP delivers events, manages the Community Garden project, and shares information and news. It also works with partners including Lewisham Council and Glendale to develop new facilities and opportunities. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. https://www.facebook.com/Friendsofmountsfieldpark/ https://twitter.com/mountsfieldpark http://mountsfieldpark.wordpress.com
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3 Responses to Lewisham Greening Fund

  1. Mountsfield Park is being awarded new animal proof litter bins, entrance signs and some other improvements from the greening fund which is great, however we have been informed that the new bins will not accommodate recyclables, which is a missed opportunity. The new animal proof litter bins that are being installed across the borough will not have separate compartments for recyclables, which is disappointing. Even though recycling bottles, cans and paper costs the Council/us slightly more than incineration (= Co2+landfill), providing recycling bins in Lewisham’s parks, open spaces and streets would communicate a positive message, even if there is some initial contamination. The Council’s aim of encouraging people to generate less waste should work in parallel with offering effective recycling facilities in our parks, open spaces and on streets. It is unreasonable to expect people to take recyclables or unrecyclable litter home with them if they are travelling via public transport from across London to one of Lewisham’s parks or open spaces. Hopefully soon Lewisham’s parks and open spaces will have provision for recyclables in addition to litter and dog poo bins. The proposed new litter bins have another design flaw – they will be made of a composite material and will not be recyclable. Steel litter bins in Lewisham’s parks and open spaces have been subject to strimmer damage and other wear and tear, which has removed the protective coating and caused them to rust. The new composite bins will not rust even if they are damaged by strimmers. Ideally all products for our parks and open spaces would have a full life-cycle assessment (LCA), which is ‘a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling’ (Wikipedia). When the existing steel litter bins are replaced, they can in theory be separated from their concrete foundations and be recycled as steel. The proposed composite bins can only be incinerated at the end of their useful lives. This could happen sooner rather than later If the council changes policy in a few years and decides to remove all bins from Lewisham’s parks. We have 6 attractive newish wooden bins in our play area at Mountsfield Park that will be replaced by unattractive animal proof composite bins, paid for by the greening fund. It would be good to know that the Lewisham parks team have looked thoroughly into more sustainable approaches to dealing with litter, such as emptying the existing open top bins at the end of each day so that there is no waste for the foxes to pull from them. Sustainable design solutions are often more elegant. The Lewisham planners insist on environmentally sustainable building design which is a good thing. Lewisham’s environmentally sustainable building development is the source of the section 106 greening funds. The same well designed environmentally sustainable BREEAM approach (or similar) should be applied to the greening fund and maintenance of our parks and open spaces, which in its current form is expensive, polluting and carbon hungry – too much mowing, fairground rides, ice-cream vans, disposing of vegetation rather than recycling, generation of all waste for incineration/landfill, careless damage to trees, wasteful annual bedding plants that are harmful to invertebrates because they have been drenched in pesticides…


  2. cpsp2020 says:

    Why are you promoting this when

    “The submission window will open on 24.05.2019 and will close on 23.06.2019 11:59pm “

    Click to access lewisham-greening-fund-toolkit-2019.pdf



  3. Will amend the post including the next submission date, The greening fund is ongoing as far as I know.


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