Address, location and transport options for Nature’s Gym sites

Nature Conservation Lewisham

Kirsty and Phil ©iwc media Kirsty and Phil ©iwc media

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have changed the design of the Nature’s Gym programme.  It no longer include the transport information for each site, but does contain more details on why we are doing the work we do and the management objectives that we are working towards.  We did this as a result of feedback from our regular volunteers and other groups in Lewisham who felt that the programme was too ‘busy’ and therefore might put some potential volunteers off.  We have now produced a document that gives you all the details that volunteers need to get to each location.  Please refer to this if you get stuck.

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About mountsfieldpark

Mountsfield Park is the green heart of the community in Hither Green and Catford. It is used and loved by residents of all ages and backgrounds, and The Friends of Mountsfield Park was established to represent their wishes and needs. FOMP is committed to engaging with all sections of the community in order to celebrate and enjoy the Park, and membership is open to all. FOMP delivers events, manages the Community Garden project, and shares information and news. It also works with partners including Lewisham Council and Glendale to develop new facilities and opportunities. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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