Green Flag Awards 2015-16

So the Green Flags will continue to fly in Lewisham, reinforcing the fact that we have an amazing collection of parks and green spaces. Despite the difficult times and financial pressures, we have secured 15 Green Flag Awards and 6 Green Flag Community Awards across the borough. Of course we all know things could be better, but its a great moment to sit back and celebrate what we have achieved together.

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1 Response to Green Flag Awards 2015-16

  1. Just wondering if the parks forum thinks all parks should be the same? Is there room for a diversity of uses across the borough? Should the last public 18 hole golf course in an inner London borough be regarded as the jewel in Lewisham Council’s sports facilities parks crown, or is it really a barrier to other uses, bearing in mind the golf course is only 90 acres in a 237 acre park? Did you know that the kids’ charity Wide Horizons brought 150 kids from Tower Hamlets into Beckenham Place Park on 2/7/15 for a field study day. They had a jolly good time coexisting with the golf course. Who knew that Lewisham Council’s contract with Glendale for the golf course results in Glendale making a profit whilst the council lose money? Is the way to tackle that inequality to close the golf course rather than addressing the real problem? Who knew that, if managed properly with the right financial contract in place, the golf course could make Lewisham Council money to reinvest in parks? Why is Lewisham Council swimming against a tide of both local opinion and strategic thinking of informed organisations and pressure groups? We need better air quality. Does cutting down hundreds, if not thousands, of trees in Beckenham Place Park achieve this objective or hinder it? Parks need to attract more people from BME communities – has anyone been to BPP public golf course and seen the diversity of players there? We need strategies to help combat obesity – how does closure of the golf course achieve this when people can also already walk.jog, cycle and play informal ball games in the park? Plus, footgolf may be introduced, which is very popular with young people. Anyone want to take a look at and see how they are reaching out to ALL members of society, to make some form of golf available to anyone. Why aren’t Lewisham Council following the initiative of Southwark Council to work with such organisations instead of proposing to close the golf course in favour of an extremely expensive lake and an events space? Are there not other lakes in public parks in south London? Are there not other parks which already hold events? Isn’t there, in any case, enough room east of the park for events rather than close the golf course for it in the west? Why lose the golf course and income, especially when it is a commercially viable operation and outreach groups such as the Golf Trust could utilise it for the benefit of kids, people with learning difficulties, blind people, wheelchair users and other people who are physically challenged? And then there are the existing golfers themselves who are to be unceremoniously kicked out under the brave new plan for the park.


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